How To Identify A Fake Job Offer In 2019

Dont fall a victim to scam job advertisement. Find out how to identify fake job offer, stay ahead of internet fraudsters by knowing the method they use

Ever since the internet became a world of sharing information, so many recruitment companies have sprung up. Job search has become easy with the use of online job board which has resulted in lots of fake job offer circulating around. A lot of people have fallen victim to many job scam and this trend doesn’t seem to end even in 2019. I will be letting you in on how to identify fake job offer so you don’t fall a victim.

How To Identify A Fake Job Offer

1. Vague Job Description

If the job role has no job description or it is vague, chances are that it is a scam. Most fake job usually come with little or no explanation on what the job entails or requires. If you see this on any job board or received this type of job advertisement you should be very mindful.

2. Jobs Offer You Didn’t Apply For

If you receive a mail asking you to appear for a job interview for a position or company you didn’t apply to, that vacancy is definitely a scam. Don’t get too excited when you receive a job offer you never applied for, most tricksters lure their prey with fake job offer and defraud them of their money or even worse inflict harm on them.

3. Use Of Personal Email

If a job advertisement was sent from a personal email and not with a professional email, it is definitely fake. Genuine companies always have official email address that they use to send out job advertisement. Also if the email does not contain the company’s office address and there are several grammatical errors you should be wary.

4. Confidential/Private Information Request

Any employer that requests for your private information such as bank statement, credit card details etc is looking to defraud you. No company seeking to employ you will request for your private information, please be wary as they are out to defraud you.

5. Request For Money

On no account should you pay an employer in exchange for a job. It is wrong and definitely a scam. A job is suppose to pay you and not the other way round. Any employer that asks for money for the recruitment process is a fraudster and should be reported to the appropriate authorities.

6. Online Interview Via Messenger

Any company requesting you to do an online interview via a messenger like yahoo and the rest is most definitely a scam. No genuine company will carry out its interview process via messenger. Any company the requires an online interview will request for the interview via skype video chat. This is mostly required if the employer is in a different location

7. Search Result Returned With No Information

When you get a job offer from a company you should do a web search to discover their site. If this search comes back with no information or you see a negative feedback, just know it is a scam. Companies seeking to hire candidates usually have a website where you can find information about them. Also negative review from past applicants and people who have come in contact with that company should tell you all you need to know.

You need to know how to identify fake job offer so you don’t waste your time and resources applying to a scam company. Also a lot of people have been defrauded by these scammers. Therefore while you are actively searching for a job you have to be careful so you don’t fall a victim.

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