How To Choose The Right Career Path To Excel In 2020

how to choose the right career path

As we begin to see the emergence of 2020 it would be great for job seekers and student to choose the right career path in order to be successful. In order to attain that you have to be equipped with certain information. Having a great job that pays well is everyone’s dream but you can’t have that if you don’t make the right career choice.

If you are struggling to stay afloat or you hate waking up every morning to work, chances are you are in the wrong career path. Also if you are a student trying to decide the best career choice then this lesson is for you. In order to choose the right career path you need to follow these steps.

How To Choose The Right Career Path

Discover Yourself

You need to discover yourself first when deciding on the right career path. Get to know the things you are passionate about, the activities that excite you. You can do this by carry out a career assessment. There are professional career test you can take to discover this. You can also read career books if you can’t afford to do these assessment test.

You can also make use of the service of counselors, discuss your options with them and do a check list of the things you find exciting. Write out the results you come up with and compare them with several career choice in that category.

Study The Career Choice on Your List

After you have figured out the career category your passion falls into, you need to study occupation that falls in this category. Jobs and business that comes up on your list should be analysed. Learn about the job role and what it requires. Get to know if this job role will be suitable and rewarding for you. Mare knowing the job title won’t help you become productive in it, you need to find out if it is something you can see yourself doing on a long term by studying it.

Seek Advice

You have finally narrowed your search to a specific career choice. The next step for you to take is to seek advice. In deciding a career path you will need to talk to people who are in the same field. Get to know people who are already doing that job you are interested in. Learn from them, get to know their experience and find out their challenges.

Learn from their stories what to do and what to avoid. You can choose someone who has gone far in that career path and make them your mentor.


This is another way of making a great career choice. You can carry out internship in a company you are interested in to see if it is the right fit for you. Internship is a learning process and a way of discovering yourself. You can find out through this means if the decision you have made is the best or if you need to make a different choice.

Knowing how to choose right career path is the first step to becoming successful. Always put passion first in whatever you do and you will always excel. Now that you know what to do why not start now and see how productive you will become.

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