8 Important Demo Lesson Tips For Aspiring Online Tutors That Works 2019

demo lesson tips

As an aspiring online tutor a demo lesson is one of the things you will be asked to make in order to get that job. Many applicants have failed their interview simply because they had a bad demo lesson. To help curb this I have compiled the 8 Important demo lesson tips that can help you pass your online interview in 2019.

What Is A Demo Lesson

A demo lesson is a demonstration lesson which an applicant makes to show how he/she will teach. It is more or less a preview showing employer the teaching skills of the online tutor.

Most online Schools request for a demo lesson as part of their interview process. After you have submitted your application online, you will get a mail requesting you to make a demo lesson which you will teach at a given date in front of the interviewer or student. Depending on the school you will be provided with some materials and explanation of what you are expected to do.

You will probably be informed of the age range you are expected to teach, given a lesson plan, and given the time frame in which you are to teach that lesson. Other than that you are left to figure out every other thing yourself. But don’t worry that is what I am here for.

While you are preparing to deliver a highly professional demo lesson, it is important to have some things set up.

1. Equipment

Since its online you are looking to tutor you will obviously be working with the computer. Make sure your computer is working fine, and the headphone and camera has no technical issue. Do a routine check on all the equipment you will be using. You might be wondering why I am stressing this but lots of teachers have been disqualified because of technical issues they faced while presenting their demo.

2. Have Props Available

Props are very good for teaching, and as a teacher it is good you have some of them available to use. Children respond better to things they can see. You can buy some if you don’t have, or get creative and make some from tools you have in your house. Practice with them so you are familiar with how to effective use them before that day.

3. Dress Appropriately

While its online and you are not required to wear a suit, it is important you dress formal. Don’t put on that your favorite T Shirt you sleep in or a casual outfit you like wearing to the mall. You can wear a formal dress or shirt. Some of these online schools have their color preference, find out what it is and wear it. It is not a must to do that but it can score you some points. Bottom line be well dressed.

4. Staging Area

This an important demo lesson tip you should follow. Look for a good spot in your house to use as your staging area. Somewhere with a good background that you can easily decorate. It should be clean and decorated with some of the props you have made or bought. If you can download the logo of the school you are working with and place it in the background that will also score you a bonus point.

5. Stick To One Topic

Most online schools will let you choose your topic except in rare cases. Choose a topic you are very knowledgeable about and stick to it. Do no digress from one topic to another. Carry out proper research on the topic you have chosen and have vital information. Be prepared to answer questions relating to what you have chosen to teach. Again I say choose one topic and stick to it.

6. Practice TPR

This cannot be overemphasized. You need to practice Total Physical Response(TPR). If you don’t know how to do that start now. Stand in front of your mirror and use physical movement to show what you are saying verbally. Gesticulate with your hands, use your head, apply body movement to show what you are saying with your mouth.

7. Smile

This can help you greatly, your employer wants to see that you are enjoying what you are doing and that you are approachable. Therefore smile, don’t get too carried away with you teaching that you forget to smile. You can put a sticker somewhere only you can see that will remind you to always smile.

8. Time Management

They say time is money therefore don’t waste it. You will be allocated a certain amount of time for your demo, use it appropriately. Do not exceed the stipulated time, your employer want to see if you will be able to manage the time allocated to you while teaching so make judicious use of it.

Getting a high score during your interview can help you get the better end of the deal with any online school. Therefore study these demo lesson tips and the interview questions diligently.

I also love to attend to questions and observation regarding this topic, so kindly reach me at the comment section and I will get back to you.

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