8 Appropriate Procedure To Follow In Preparing For A Job Interview 2020

How to prepare for a job interview

So you sent out that application and you just received a response requesting you to be available for interview and you are wondering what to do next. Don’t panic you can be well prepared and also get that job. I will be teaching you how to prepare for a job interview in the year 2020.

There are several steps you need to take to prepare for that interview. It is important to have certain things checked and ready for the interview.

8 Steps To Prepare For A Job Interview

Research The Company

The first thing you need to do after you have gotten your interview email is to research the company. Do a web search and find out all the information available on the company. Know their mission statement and their vision. Get to know the company structure and the board of directors. Equip yourself with these information because you can be asked about what you know about the company . You don’t want to be caught off guard.

Analyse The Job Description

It is good to know what the job description you applied for entails. You can go back to the job application to read the job description. Study it properly and check that your qualifications match the job description. You can do research online to see the requirements and description of that job.

Read Interview Question

It is very important to prepare for a job interview by read interview questions. Get popular interview questions and read them. Again the internet has made a lot of things easy. With a little search you can get a lot of interview questions. Make use of the general ones and the ones relating to your job description. GMAT is great for interview, you can make use of it. If you know anyone who works in the company or has attended an interview with them you can get information from them.


Practice makes perfect therefore practice. You can stand in front of a mirror and practice how you will answer questions. You can also get a friend or relative to practice with you. Let them be the interviewer asking you questions while you answer them as if you are in the interview ground. Find out from them how well you did and make the necessary corrections until you are satisfied you are well prepared.

How to prepare for a job interview
Pick Your Outfit

Appearance is very important in any gathering especially when going for an interview. Please dress well, because your dressing will be used to grade you. Pick out a clean, well fitted suit or corporate gown. Make sure it is ironed and the color is not too sharp.

Style your hair properly and look neat, your shoe should be well polished and comfortable to work on as well. Wear a nice perfume and carry a beautiful bag or briefcase.

Gather Your Materials

You need to have your writing materials ready and packed. Have you notepad ready in case you need it, get a pen and other writing material. Also print out your CV or Resume, and Cover Letter. Your documents like your degree, passport and any other means of identification should be with you. Have list of your reference. Go through the mail sent to you and go with the required materials listed on it.

Get Directions

Before you conclude you preparation find out how to get to your interview venue. Don’t wait until the day of the interview before looking for direction, that will affect you badly. You can ask around and also use google map to locate the venue. The worst thing you can do is to arrive at your interview venue late simply because you lost your way. That can cause you the job therefore get directions on early and go on time.

Follow up

Be prepared to do a follow up after the interview. While this is not part of what you should do before an interview it is important after the interview. Send a follow up mail after the interview, let the employer know  that you appreciate the opportunity and you look forward to working with the company.

Knowing how to prepare for a job interview is important as it will help you get that job. These tips listed above will help you prepare successfully.

I love to get feedback about your interview experience and also love to attend to questions and observation regarding this topic, so kindly reach me at the comment section and I will get back to you.

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