6 Things To Consider Before Accepting That Job Offer In 2019

things to consider before accepting that job offer

Did you just receive a job offer? have gone through the interview process and you got your employment letter? Then congratulations are in order but you should be aware of certain necessary things before you go ahead and take the job or reject it.

With the limited job vacancies available people get inclined to accept any job offer that comes their way without much consideration. They end up not loving their jobs and feeling frustrated. There are some things you should look out for in a job offer before accepting it in 2019.

Things To Consider Before Accepting That Job Offer

Salary Structure

If the Salary structure is not defined or it cannot afford to cater for your needs, it is best to reject that job. You will not be motivated to give the job your best if you are not earning well. Some employers will start you up with a meager salary with the promise to upgrade after a period of time. If this promise is not stated in writing please do not accept the offer. In my years of working as a consultant I have encountered a lot of  employees who have complained of low salary and no upgrade after years of working. They have remained in a position for so long until they got tired and left. You do not want to be stagnant in any organization.

Career Growth

Everyone desires to grow in their various career. Any job that does not give room for growth should be rejected. If the company does not have the policy of promotion or if promotion hardly comes you should be wary. A job should be something you can learn and grow with.

Other Benefits

Benefits like insurance, pension, health care, etc are vital. If a company doesn’t provide at least one of these benefits then you should look at another direction. Having to work for a company that doesn’t provide any form of benefit implies that you will spend more of your salary on health care and others. Except in a situation where the salary is very high then you can consider over looking the benefit part. But most standard companies offer these benefit so be in the look out.

Work Environment and Hours

Your work environment is where you will have to spend most of your time so be sure it is conducive for you. You can speak to people who work in the same place and find out how the environment is. Also you should consider the working hours if it is something you are comfortable with. You don’t want to have a job you will get tired of after a few months or a job that doesn’t give you time for other things.


Any job that doesn’t offer some sort of training program be it before you resume, annually or department based should be avoided. You will be more productive when you undergo continuous training.

Working Resources/Tools

If you are not given working tools and resources that the job requires you should not take that job offer. It will be very difficult for you to work without tools and resources. You don’t want a situation where you will not be productive and stand a chance of being fired. Working tools and resources is a necessity and should be requested from the employer if not stated in the offer.

It is always an exciting feeling when you get that job offer but be sure to confirm these conditions are available before accepting the job.

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