11 Common Online English Tutor Job Interview Questions and Answers 2019

online English tutor job interview

In my years of mentoring aspiring online English tutors I have discovered a lot of teachers don’t know what to expect in an online interview and how to answer questions when asked. This has given me concern which made me come up with this Eleven(11) common online English tutor job interview questions and their appropriate answers.

As one aspiring to work as an English tutor in any online school, you should be aware of the recruitment process and know what to expect in order to succeed.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is usually in phases for most online schools and it starts with filling your information online. After that you will be contacted via email with the schedule date and time of the interview which will be conducted via skype. Although for some online schools the interview is conducted immediately you apply. Therefore be well prepared before you apply.

As part of the interview process you will be required to create a demo lesson which you will deliver during the interview.  Ensure it is well prepared and practice extensively before the interview. You will be given this instruction on the mail sent to you. Also be aware that the recruitment process can last for days, weeks or moths depending on several factors.

online English tutor job interview


11 Common Online English Tutor Job Interview Questions and Appropriate Answer

The interview usually starts with an introductory question which is meant to give the interviewer a sense of the tutor’s personality. Be sure to comport yourself and be calm, being nervous never helps. These are some of the questions you are likely to be asked.

1. Did you have any  difficulty Locating us?

This question is meant to break the ice and also test your ability to navigate the web. Since its an online job the answer should be no, except you have a good reason why it should be yes.

2. Tell Us About Yourself

This question is not meant for you to recount your family history, that would be a wrong answer. The appropriate answer would be to let them know your educational background. You can tell them about the degree you have if you have one, and chip in the experience you have acquired teaching. The interviewer will access if you are suitable for the job by your answer so any qualification you have  relating to the job it’s good you bring it up here.

3. What do You Know About Us?

If you have not done your research on the school you can be caught of guard with this question. It is important you have basic knowledge about the school so you can easily answer this. You can give a brief history about the school, where it is located, and reviews  (good)  you have read about them.

4. Tell Us About Your Teaching Experience

This is a good time to bring up any teaching experience you have gathered over the years. If you have experience teaching offline state it. You can also talk about the tools you have used for teaching. If you have taught online before all the better, you can give them insight to the web tools you have used in teaching and how these tools positively impacted the lessons.

Use this opportunity to showcase your teaching skills and how effective it is. This will go a long way in increasing your chances.

5. What Experience Do You Have Working With Young Children?

Since you are likely going to be teaching children from age range 4-15 you are most definitely going to be asked this question. The interviewer expects to hear relevant experience you have handling children while teaching. You should talk about how you get them to concentrate during lecture. You can give an example of how your teaching style helped a child overcome his/her inability to comprehend.

6. What Would You Do To Help A Child That Is Shy?

This question is meant to test your ability to work with children as well as your teaching skills. You can answer by telling them that you will make the child more comfortable through activities. Talk to the child about his/her favourite movie or games, tell the child to teach you some of their local songs, etc. Any useful activity that can make a child ease up as well as learn can be useful here.

7. What Educational Qualification Do You Have?

This question gives you the opportunity to showcase the degrees/certificate you have acquired. If you have a Bachelor degree this is a good time to mention it. If you are student you can also say so and let them know what you are studying. Any certification( IELTS, TOEFL, etc)  you have acquired will be an added advantage so it’s good you mention it. Most online English Schools respect TOEFL certificate, it will be good to acquire one if you intend to go far in this career part.

Aside from regular teaching technique questions that you will be asked. There are some IT related questions that usually comes up to test your knowledge. Here are some of them

1. What Is The Type Of Computer You are using?

As someone looking to teach online knowing the type of computer you are working with is important.

2. What Is The Mbps ( Megabyte per second) of your internet connection?

This question is meant to test how fast your internet connection load data. So be sure to not only know the Mbps but also have a very fast internet connection.

3. Have You Ever Had To Troubleshoot Any Problem?

Of Course if you work actively with a computer at some point you would have encountered this. You can bring your experience into play here and talk about how you were able to use this technique in discovering and solving a problem.

4. What Is The Name Of Your ISP?

ISP means Internet Service Provider, if you don’t know what it means now you know. Getting the information of your ISP should not be hard for you. If you don’t know it please find out before you start your application process.

After most of these questions are asked the interviewer will also what to know if you have any questions for them. Please do not respond with a no as this is a red flag, you must go into the interview prepared with the questions you have to ask them. I will be giving out tips on the best questions to ask during an online English tutoring job interview. Do check back regularly.

These 11 common online English tutor job interview questions and their answer is sure to point you to the right direction. Therefore study them well and you will definitely get that desired online English tutoring job.

I also love to attend to questions and observation regarding this topic, so kindly reach me at the comment section and I will get back to you.

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