Tales Of A Young Girl – My Affair With Uncle Mike (Part 2)

 Tales of A Young Girl

I woke up the next morning with a banging headache, it took me a second to realize I was not in my room and worst I was naked in a strange bed. I looked around me and saw my cloths lying scattered on the floor but I was alone. As I struggled to gather my thoughts to figure out where I was, I saw a male wristwatch and a wedding band on the table. In a second I realized who it belonged to, Uncle Mike. Uncle Mike had taken me away from the cub last night, he had brought me to this strange building and from the name stitched on the bed sheet, this is definitely a hotel.

But why did he bring me here?, where is he now, and worst of all why am I naked?. These are some of the questions that ran through my mind. I hurriedly got dressed while at the same time looking for the  purse I was holding last night. Just as I found it and was checking to see the number of missed calls I had on my phone, the door opened and Uncle Mike walked in. He didn’t look surprised to see me dressed and from the expression on his face he knew I had questions that needed answers. He was holding a plastic bag. He handed me the bag and asked me to have breakfast. At that point food was the last thing on my mind. I needed answers and I needed them right now. For a second he stood there starring at me without saying anything. After what felt like an eternity he sat down and asked me to sit. I waited patiently as he unwrapped the bag and brought out the food.

He asked me if I remembered what happened the previous night. I told him all I could remember, from the club to the fight and then being driven off. Uncle Mike told me that he had brought me to the hotel after the club incident because it was already late and he didn’t want to drive that far to my school as it wasn’t safe. He said I had passed out on our way to the hotel and while we were trying to get into the room. He said he slept on the couch while I slept on the bed but I woke up in the night shivering and throwing up. Uncle Mike said he had to take off my cloths and put me in the bathtub before I calmed down. Then this morning he left me to get food. All the while he was talking my heart sang. I am not a heavy drinker and I had never gotten drunk before until now. Uncle Mike said he suspected that I was drugged and he wanted to know how much I knew the people I was with last night. I told him I didn’t know Sureboi but that Ada is my very close friend from secondary school. He advised me to be careful and not to hang around people that could get me in trouble. At this point I was already feeling sober and very grateful to Uncle Mike. If he wasn’t there last night I cant imagine what could have happened to me. He asked me to get ready so he could drop me in school.

All the while he was driving me to school I wondered what happened to Ada and why I couldn’t find her last night. Uncle Mike finally dropped me at my hostel and told me he would check on me regularly and further said he would keep this experience between us and wont let my family know of it. I was very grateful because my dad would raise a storm if he ever heard of it. Two days after the incident I received a call from Uncle Mike saying he was going to pay me a visit that evening on his way from work. I was excited about this because at this point I felt like he was the only one I could really trust out here. My friend Ada had told me after I confronted her that Sureboi had asked her to bring a girl for him that night and she had felt I would be willing to play ball with him. I was disgusted with this news and cut off my relationship with her.

 Tales of A Young Girl

I got prepared and waited for Uncle Mike to show up but when it was 10:20pm and I didnt see him I put a call to him but his number didn’t go through. I figured maybe he got caught up at work and couldn’t make it. At about 11;15pm while I was preparing to go to bed, I heard a knock on my door. At first I felt it was my annoying neighbor Emeka who likes to come home late at night only to come to my door to borrow one thing or the other. The other day he woke me up from sleep to ask me if I had match stick to lend him that he wanted to make dinner, and this was around 11;50pm. I was so mad and vowed not to be disturbed by him again. Today I was prepared to ignore him, when he gets tired of knocking he will stop. But the knock became more persistent and then I heard a familiar voice call my name. It sounded like Uncle Mike’s voice but in order to be sure I looked through the peep hole. Yes it was him and he was standing there still knocking. I hurriedly opened the door before I realized I was wearing a transparent nightgown. I rushed to tie a wrapper around my chest while he walked in and hoped he did not notice anything.

He sat down at my reading table and just stared at me. When I looked at him closely I could see worry on his face. I was forced to ask him what the problem was. Plus why was he at my house so late in the night. He started to apologize for coming over so late in the night and he told me he had a lot on his mind and needed someone to share it with. He had closed late from work just like I thought and had gone to a bar to have a couple of drinks before he finally decided to take a drive. He said he initially didn’t want to come over because it was late but he saw himself driving to my place. I asked him why he didn’t go home after work, to his family. I mean his wife should be worried by now. He said his phone went bad and he is sure his wife wont worry about him. When I asked why he said that, he told me about the misery he was experiencing in his marriage. He told me he was tired of the marriage as his wife is not the right woman for him. He said she doesn’t care about him as she is practically married to the church. Uncle Mike told me about how religious his wife is and how she attributes every bad thing to the devil. He said she spends most of her time attending church services, crusades and deliverance program.

He said things got very bad after she lost her last pregnancy. His wife was five months pregnant and had encountered severe complications that caused her life to be at risk. She was unconscious in the hospital when the doctor approached him to make an important decision. Remove the baby and save his wife’s life or keep the child and risk loosing both of them. He chose to save his wife and the baby was removed. When his wife woke up and discovered what had happened she accused him of killing their baby. All explanation he gave to her fell on deft ears. Since then she has been very distant from him and spends more of her time in church. He said they no longer have sex and anytime he makes attempts to touch her she withdraws from him with the excuse that she is fasting and doesn’t want to commit sin.

He said he never feels the need to go home anymore as his house is no longer a home. I was shocked to hear this as I didn’t realize he was going through all this. I felt the need to comfort him so I reached out and hugged him. His body felt so soft and worm and for awhile we were both lost in the embrace. It took the 12:00am alarm on my phone to bring me back to reality. The alarm was meant to wake me up to read.  I quickly pulled away and was embarrassed by how carried away I was. Uncle Mike looked at me with embarrassment on his face and told me he would be leaving. I don’t know what entered me but I saw myself asking him to spend the night. I have a large bed we could both share, I didn’t want him to drive by this time of the night and in his current state, it could be dangerous and I could tell he needed my company. After all he had been of great help to me few days ago, I couldn’t abandon him on his time of need. He agreed and went into the bathroom to take off his cloths. I convinced myself that this is a good decision despite the doubt I heard screaming in my mind. There was nothing to worry about we would just sleep and the next morning he would be gone, little did I know that it was going to be a very long night…

To Be Continued…

 Tales of A Young Girl

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