Tales Of A Young Girl – My Affair With Uncle Mike (Part 1)

Tales Of A Young Girl

My name is Nancy and I am a 200L Law student in a Nigerian university. I am in a dilemma I need to talk to someone and really, I don’t know who I can talk to so I decided to reach out to you. I guess I should start by telling my story.  I am from a good background you know like dad is a successful businessman and mum is a civil service worker. I have two older siblings, my brother Patrick who is the oldest and my sister Stephanie who is five years older than me.

Well I am the only one in school right now as my other siblings have since graduated and living their separate lives. My elder brother is an Engineer and my sister is a HR consultant. So the thing is I am currently dating my brother’s best friend Michael. Who has been a long time family friend. I have known him since I was a kid running around with just panties and ever since then I had only referred to him as Uncle Mike until recently.

Michael has been in my families life for as long as I can remember, he was always with my brother in the house playing video games. They hang out together all the time and they were even roommates back in the University. Mike by the way is a dentist and has a successful practice. My family is so close with his that when he wanted to get married he asked my father to be the chairman of the occasion. Of course my father agreed and before we attended the wedding my dad didn’t talk about anything else except how proud he was of him as he decided to settle down with a good girl from a christian home. Now my parents are very religious so you can imagine how much they disturbed my brother to follow his friend’s footstep and marry a decent girl. My brother finally  caved and settled down a year after Mike’s marriage.

Ever since Mike got married and my bother moved out of the house I barely see much of him until I gained admission into the university and my brother came for my matriculation. Mike came around with him and I found out that he gave birth to a daughter. I was so happy to have my family attend the occasion and to see Uncle Mike as well. We sort of caught up on old times as he told me his family had recently moved to the city where my school is located. He gave me lots of advise and told me to call him anytime I needed help. His words were “Nancy you are like a younger sister to me, don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything“. I was happy I had a family member in the same city as me as I was worried about being away from home for the first time. My dad was so happy that he instructed Mike to keep an eye on me and make sure I was focused in school.

Tales Of A Young Girl

Just as Mike promised he checked up on me regularly through phone calls and made sure I wasn’t having any problems. But as the stress of school took over I wasn’t too keen on keeping in touch. Well six months after my matriculation I was dragged by my friend Ada to a club. She told me another friend of hers just picked (yahoo) and was celebrating. Initially I was hesitant to go but she finally convinced me to leave my room claiming I was too rigid and needed to loosen up. We got to the club around 10:00pm and immediately we got there I was already exhausted and wanted to leave. But she kept telling me to stay that the fun had not yet started. Sureboi the new money guy ordered drinks on our arrival and I and my friend Ada sat down to drink.

After awhile someone walked up to me and called my name, when I looked up I realized it was uncle Mike. Apparently he had come into the VIP area minutes after we came in. He asked me what I was doing in the club and I explained to him that I was with friends celebrating. He asked me not to stay out long and left to go sit on his table. I noticed he was alone but that didn’t surprise me as I assumed he came out to unwind after a hard days work. I and my friends continued with our celebration, with lots of drinks hitting our table. Sureboi does know how to spend money I thought. Awhile after Ada left her purse with me and disappeared with one of her friend we came into the club with. That was when Sureboi came over to sit beside me. He started a conversation with me which I wasn’t keen to have but since he was our host I decided to be civil and talk to him. He kept on talking about how much money he has and how he intends to party all day and go on trips. He finally asked me to spend the night with him. At this point I was already irritated and I stood up to look for Ada so we could leave.

After much search I couldn’t find her around the club premises and I couldn’t call her because she left her phone inside her purse so I came back frustrated. Sureboi was still waiting for me when I got back to my table. He had ordered more drinks and this time around he had specifically ordered them for me. I was already tipsy from the drinks I have had so far and decided not to drink anymore. Immediately I sat down Sureboi continued his assault on me but this time around he kept touching my lap. At this point he was already asking me how much I would cost for a night. All these actions pissed me off and I started pushing him away. But he wouldn’t bulge and kept on touching me, before I knew what was happening his lips were on my neck kissing me. Before I could fight him off I felt him being dragged away. When I looked up I saw Uncle Mike hitting him. The Club bouncers came in and he was taken away. That was when Uncle Mike reached out to me and took my hand to guide me out.

I remember entering Uncle Mike’s car and being driven off, then we got to a building that didn’t look like my hostel and when I asked Uncle Mike where I was he told me not to worry. He came out and went inside, I drifted off to sleep while he was out. When he got back he woke me up and told me to come inside. How we got into the room is still blurry in my mind but the next time I was conscious, I was on a bed naked without my cloths except for the covers that was wrapped around my body.

To Be Continued…

Tales Of A Young Girl

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