Top 5 Event Halls In Warri For Your Party With Modern Facilities

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when planning an event. One of the most important thing is the venue. These days most people prefer to host their events in an event hall. Be it a birthday party, wedding, anniversary or any other social gathering. In choosing an event hall you have to consider so many things, these top 5 event halls in Warri have the necessary modern facilities that will make your party stand out.

Top 5 Event Halls In Warri For Your Party With Modern Facilities

There are few event halls in the city of Warri that have the facilities to make your party memorable, one of them is:

1. KFT Event Centre

This is one of the most expensive event center in Warri and the most sort after. Their halls are very modern with all the modern facilities you require for your party. There are great lighting, sound speakers, beautiful and modern chairs, enough tables to go round, good staging area and lots more. Their hall capacity can take over 1500 people and their customer service is topnotch. It is also located in a serene environment conducive for any kind of celebration. This event center also has smaller halls that can be used to host dinners, birthday celebration or even meetings. This event hall is located at Omo-Agege Street, Edjeba, Warri

2. Manuex Place

This is one event center that is probably underrated in Warri. This place is ideal for all types of events, there are event halls for everything you intend to do. They have a hall that can take 1000/1500 guests and separate hall for 800/1000. There is also hall for lectures, meetings and even movie screening. They have modern facilities that are ideal for events like speakers, tv and projectors, modern chairs and tables, good staging area, cooling van etc. Other things that also make this place great is their hotel for guests to lodge, there is also a restaurant inside the building, a bar area with indoor pool and an underground club. You can have various activities going on at the same time here and your guest will never be bored. You can find Manuex at 209a, Jakpa Road, Effurun, Warri.

3. Jubilee Retreat and Conference center

Owned by the Catholic Church, this event place is great for weddings and other types of events. Their hall can take a capacity of 1500 people and they have modern facilities that would make your guest enjoy your party. They also have smaller halls good for meetings and dinner. Their hotel room is another thing that make the place great as guest can lodge and be comfortable there. They have a very serene environment and the view from outside is great. They also accommodate outdoor events and there is a kiddies play is just by the side of the building. This event hall is great for anyone who wants to host a memorable party. It is located at 5 Enerhen Rd, Effurun, Warri

4. Best Western Event Centre

This event center has a very beautiful hall suitable for all kinds of occasion. It is a hall decorator’s dream hall because all the facilities required to make the occasion exceptional are available. This hall is very spacious and can sit up to 1000 people. There are other facilities that makes this place a dream venue for events like standby generators, working AC, great parking space for cars. It also has a serene environment, and there is a hotel just inside the premises that guests can lodge, there is also dinning area as well. It is located at D.S.C Expressway, by Mofor Junction Delta-State

5. House Of Cedas

House of Cedas is located along Airport Road, Warri . It is a quite new event center known for its spacious and well equipped hall. The location is easily accessible and the environment is conducive. They have a wide car park that can accommodate your guest’s vehicles and their sound system is topnotch. It is an ideal place to have your birthday celebration, wedding reception, anniversary and others.

If you want to have a memorable event then any of these top 5 event Halls in Warri have the best modern facilities to give you exactly what you need.

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