7 Easy Jobs For Nursing Mothers and Stay At Home Moms In 2019

jobs for nursing mothers

New moms have this glow and they feel quite ecstatic but the feeling soon wears away with time. You start looking for something to keep you busy, especially if you had been working before giving birth. There are jobs for nursing mothers and even stay at home mom, these jobs can help you kill the boredom and even earn you lots of money.

The beautiful thing about these jobs is that they are not very time consuming which gives you the opportunity to still take care of your family. You can try you hands at any of these jobs listed below and watch your finance grow.

7 Easy Jobs For Nursing Mothers and Stay At Home Moms In 2019

Baby Sitting

Baby sitting job is very good for stay at home mothers as well as nursing mothers. For one thing you already have the experience from taking care of your own child and you have the location, which is your home. You can speak to people around your neighborhood to bring their children to you to be taken care of when they are away. You can charge for this service. This job is very lucrative because you set your own fee and you don’t need to spend money on facilities.

Freelance Writing

If you have writing skills you can put that into good use. There are lots of companies that pays good money to content writers. You can look for the one most suitable to work for. It is a great job for nursing mothers because you can be at home and work. Make good use of your free time writing and get paid.

Online Tutoring

Most mothers these days have opted out of the 9 to 5 jobs and taken this job option. It is one of the best options on this list because it not only gives you time and control of your life, it also pays very well. There are lots of online schools that require the service of a tutor to teach children. If you feel you can teach then go for it. All you need is a good internet connection, a laptop and head phone.

You can work with several online schools like sayABC, Cambly, VIPKIDS etc. The beautiful thing about some of these online schools is that they don’t require you to have experience.


There is no limit as to how much you can earn as a blogger. You can become self employed and even an employer of labor if you are successful in blogging. Although this job takes time to build, but it is very lucrative and fulfilling. What you need to do is to find the niche you are interested in and build a blog about it. For new mothers and stay at home mom you can own a food blog, fitness blog, relationship blog, etc. The options are limitless. You can start by opening a an account with blogger or self host your blog and grow from there.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing job is always available online. What this requires is for you to register as a partner as sell company products. You can sell these products online through your social media platforms or through your blog. Now it is very good for someone who has marketing skills and a large following on social media. The advantage of this job is that you do not bear the cost of production you just need to advertise it on your page and paste your affiliate link. Once a person uses your link to make a purchase you get paid your commission. People make lots of money through affiliate marketing and nursing mothers and stay at home moms are not exempted. You can partner with Amazon, shopify, ebay etc as an affiliate marketer.

Home Tutoring

If you don’t like online business or you are not comfortable with it, You can also work as a tutor at home. As a home tutor you can organize classes for children, help them with their assignments and help prepare them for exams. You can make lots of money from this depending on how committed you are. Start by telling people around your neighborhood, print fliers, post on social media, advertise your service and give a discounted fee and students will come to you.

Typing Jobs

Do you know you can type online and earn as much as $40 per 1000 keystroke. If you know you have good typing skills then you might want to try your hands at typing. It basically requires you to have a computer, a headphone and time to spare. There are several companies offering this job, companies like The smart crowd, Quick tate, scribie, speechpad etc. Visit any of these sites through the link and try your hands at typing.

These jobs for nursing mothers and stay at home mom are quite rewarding if done diligently. So why don’t you make use of your free time making cool cash from the comfort of your home.

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