6 Work Etiquette Rules You Must Abide By In Your Work Place In 2020

work etiquette

As an employee in an organization you are given rules and regulation to abide by. These rules and regulations are regarded as work etiquette. Your work etiquette is important as it keeps you grounded. There are etiquette that are considered very important in a work place especially in the year 2020.

If you want to work in that organization and grow in it then it is best you abide by the rules. Many people have lost their jobs because they failed to follow the rules laid down. Some have remained in the same position for years without growth as a result of not knowing these rules. Learn the 6 work etiquette rules you need to abide by in order to grow in a work place.

6 Work Etiquette Rules To Abide By

work etiquette
1. Dress Appropriately

Every organization has its dress code, it will be so wrong to go against it. Even if you love fashion and want to show off your fashion style you can do that while dressing according to company code. Or better still get a job in the fashion industry. An employee is a brand ambassador of that company and should always represent that company well.

Let your appearance show that you mean business. The last thing you want is to be called up by HR because of your dressing. Like they say dress the way you want to be addressed.

2. Put Away Your Cell Phone

While in the office or at a meeting you should always put away your phone. You don’t want to have your phone ringing while you boss is giving out instructions. Believe me that could easily get you in trouble. If you cant put it away because you need it to work , then let it be in silent mode. Nobody wants to be distracted by the constant ringing coming from your phone. It is an office after all.

3. Always Be Professional

An office environment can easily become a market place when you are not professional. No matter how close you get with your colleagues or boss, never forget why you are there in the first place. Always be professional dealing with colleagues, staff and clients. Being unprofessional can get you in serious trouble. You can loose clients when you are not professional.

work etiquette
4. Always Be Punctual

Always going late to work is a red flag and can get you fired. You have to learn how to be punctual at all time. If for any reason you have to be late, call ahead of time and give you reason. It shows how serious you are about your work when you are always on time.

5. Respect People’s Space

Nobody wants to be crowded and disturbed while working. Learn to respect people’s personal space. Except the issue you want to discuss is work related and very important save it until after working hours. You will have a lot work done if you learn to focus on your work instead of engaging in idle gossip.

6.  Contribute Your Quota

In a company the one thing that can get you fired easily is if you are not productive. You were hired in the first place because of that. At the office, in the board meeting learn to contribute your quota. Don’t just sit there like the issue doesn’t concern you. Be a contributor that is the only way you can keep you job and grow. Nobody wants to pay someone who is not productive.

These work etiquette rules will help you keep and grow in your job. Therefore if you are lacking in any of these, start working on it and see how you shine and stand out.

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