5 Best English Online Tutoring Schools To Teach English In 2019

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There are several Online Tutoring jobs available on the Internet these days. It is also important to know the most suitable among the numerous list of English online tutoring Schools to work. If you are thinking of making cool cash from the comfort of your home and you have an English degree then online tutoring is the way to go.

With the increasing demand of the English Language a lot of non English speaking countries are seeking knowledge in the language, Bringing about a massive increase in online schools. Anybody looking to teach the language online should consider schools that have these qualities:

  • A very Good Pay
  • Flexible Online Tutoring hours
  • Other benefits is an added advantage.

I have compiled a list of the best English online tutoring schools to work for with the qualities listed above as a guide.

5 Best English Online Tutoring Schools To Teach English In 2019


This is one online English School a lot of online English tutors have agreed is good to work in. As a tutor you will be required to teach Chinese students from age range 9-15. The class schedule is very flexible, you can choose the hours more comfortable for you. You can also decide the days of the week to teach. They provide you with teaching materials which are regularly updated which makes teaching easy.

Working with Vipkid is very beneficial as you can earn up to $14-$22 per hour lecturing. Their interview process is usually rigorous but worth it at the end of the day. On the flip side they require candidates with a bachelor degree in English and any teaching experience is an added advantage.

2. DaDa

This is also another Chinese based online school requiring you to teach English to Chinese students. The students are between Elementary – Junior level with the age range of 9-15. The class schedule is very flexible and they offer full support to make teaching easy for you. Unlike some online schools they accept native English teachers from different countries.

You can earn between $15 – $25 USSD working with DaDa. You are also required to have a bachelor degree as well as a Teaching certificate (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA, etc.). As a tutor you are required to have some teaching experience. DaDa’s recruitment process is quite fast which means you can start teaching almost immediately.

3. Qkids

This is a great online school to teach if you are a university student looking for part time work or a graduate who enjoys teaching. Their students are Chinese citizens within the age range of 4 -12 (Kindergarten to grade 6).They make use of mostly visual characters in teaching and they also provide you with lesson plan.

Their time schedule is very flexible and they offer a salary range of $16 – $20 per hour with other bonus attached.

4. SayABC

This is another Chinese based school that offer the best teaching incentives for tutors. One of its pros is that it accepts teachers from all Nations and they have one of the highest salary rate of $19 per 40 minutes class. Although they require candidates with a bachelor degree, they also consider college students for hire.

As a tutor you will be required to teach children between the age range of 5 -12 and they have fairy flexible teaching schedule.

5. Cambly

This is a very good online school to work for if you have little or no experience tutoring. What it basically requires of you is to chat with students and these students can be from different countries like Korea, Saudi Arabia, Brazil etc.

This school gives you the freedom to choose your own work schedule and doesn’t have a rigorous interview process. Although the salary is not as high as others listed above with a salary plan of $10.20/hour. It is still a good choice for you who have no degree and experience.

Basic Tools You Need To Become An Online Tutor

While it is good to know the best English online schools to work, it is also important you know some basic tools you need to work successfully as a tutor. They are listed below

  • A sound Computer
  • A very good wifi
  • A headphone

With the rapid growth in online tutoring jobs, several reviews has made these English online tutoring Schools listed above to stand out as the best. I will constantly update this post when the ratings changes so do check back regularly. I also love to attend to questions and observation regarding this topic, so kindly reach me at the comment section and I will get back to you.

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